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How To Register on the Autochair USA Dealer Portal

If you wish to register to use this portal, you must first be an Authorised Autochair Accredited Mobility Dealer in the USA.

If you have already completed your Dealership Registration and have recieved your registration info pack then please call the Autochair USA Portal Registrations Team on 1 (855) 288-6242.

They will create a username and a password that you chose (passwords must be "strong" passwords consisting of at least 8 characters, using numbers, letters and uppercase and lowercase) and will walk you through the process of logging onto the portal for the first time.

It's important that you get to understand what the portal offers so we will spend some time walking you through the content and navigation so that you get a good appreciation of the resources that can help your Autochair Dealership succeed.

It's quick, and it's simple to do...

  • Call us to register
  • Chose a username and password
  • Logon for the first time
  • Be guided around the site
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